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What Makes a Good War Base?

A clan war is a two day process. Day one is  ‘Preperation Day’ and day two is ‘Battle Day’.
During prep day the main consideration  that a clasher should have is not whom they are going to attack, but if their war base is good enough to defend itself.
To make or change your war base, you simply go to the war map and in the bottom right corner there is an ‘Edit War Base’ button. The second way of changing your war base, is by pressing the ‘layout editor’ button. Here you will find your saved war bases and have the ability to edit them.
When setting up your war base, there are certain key points that you should consider.

These include:
  • Make sure your TH is in the center of your base. (Remember if the attacker breaks your TH, this is an easy 1 star for them.) If it is possible, try to surround your TH with walls.

  • Make sure your clan castle is also as close to the center as possible. By doing this, it makes it harder for the attacker to draw out your clan castle troops. Again if its possible, surround this with walls to keep attackers at a distance.

  • When your TH and clan castle are in place, it is recommended to place your heroes close to the centre. This prevents them from being lured and killed easily. Also they give your TH more protection.

  • Afterwards, then surround them with defenses. Make sure your stronger defenses, such as splash damage and air defenses, are as close to the center as possible. Remember there are many different attack strategies including air attacks…don’t ignore your air defenses!!

  • Make sure all of your defenses are inside walls. This means that attackers will have to break through walls to get to the defenses.

  • Add traps in between your defences. This gives your traps a good purpose as they will likely be hit by the attacker.

  • Always try to have a double giant bomb within your base. This can help defend your base in a huge way, as they can wipe out a large group of hogs.

  • You do not need to protect your gold and elixir storages with walls since you do not lose loot in clan wars. Don’t waste walls surrounding them when they could serve to further protect important buildings with their high hit points.

  • Make sure that everything is covered by your defenses and that your defenses protect each other. This will cause trouble for the attacker as whatever angle they attack from, your defenses will defend your base.

  • Do not place any buildings in the corners of your base. This may seem like a good idea as the attacker may not realize them and therefore run out of time, but this is a very old strategy at this point in the game, so many people are conditioned to look for corner buildings early in their attack. In fact, in BFCE, we use corner buildings as an easy lure once we extract any clan castle troops.

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