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Drawing Out Clan Castle Troops

The Basics:
“Scout” your enemy base and tap the clan castle. Does the ring extend beyond their walls and cushion buildings and into open space or is the cc centrally-located therefore protected all around? While you’re here, make a note of how much capacity the cc has (15 spaces, 20, 25, etc.). You’ll want to have that information later.

If the ring extended into open space, tactic 1, 2, or 3 will work for you.

If the ring was completely protected by buildings, do not fret, go straight to 3.

1. Lightning Spell

Simple Method: Ok, so you already know where the cc ring is and how many troops to expect. Once in battle, place a single archer, barbarian, or giant in the open area where the cc ring extended to draw out cc troops. Do some quick math to make sure the troops that come out match the capacity you noted earlier. It’s very important to make sure you get them all! Even one wizard left behind can easily destroy your primary attack if left unchecked. Now drop an archer or barb in the corner of the base or otherwise far away from any defenses. This will lure cc troops away from the base and into safe open space. Use spare archers or barbs to “corral” the cc troops if some are slower than others (for example, the cc is a mix of fast archers and slow wizards). Once they’re in a tight bunch, zap ’em with your lightning spell.

Advanced Method: If you want to be super cool, do everything the same way as the easy way above, except try to lure the troops until they’re in a bunch right on top of a strong defensive building. Drop your lightning spell on top of that. Then you take out the cc troops, but also do at least some damage to a defensive building as well. Aren’t you slick!

NOTE: Lightning spells are particularly useful against a cc full of archers. If you know from the attacks of others that the enemy cc probably contains giants, wizards, or dragons, I do not recommend this technique.

2. Old Faithful

Still remember where that cc ring extended into open space? Drop a single archer, barb, or giant into that open area. Again, do some quick math to make sure everything comes out. If it doesn’t drop another troop or two. Man, it sucks to have your attack fail because only half the archers came out! Now drop an archer or barb in the corner of the base or otherwise far away from any defenses. This will lure cc troops away from the base and into safe open space. Once you’re clear, drop 20 archers in a line or encircle the cc troops with them. To be extra safe, drop two random wizards in the line/circle to really blow ’em away. This is the tried and true technique I use for every war attack.

NOTE: You’ll notice that nearly all of the attack strategies posted on this site have army compositions already built for this technique. Aren’t we thoughtful?

3. Gettin’ Tricky

Sometimes (although rarely) your opponent is smart enough to make your life a little difficult by placing that clan castle right in the middle of their base, meaning there’s no easy way for you to draw out their cc troops. That’s ok. We can still outsmart them. Bring a few hogs with you. Two or three of any level should just about do it unless you’re about to face a TH10 with jacked defenses, in which case, better make them maxed hogs.

Drop your three hogs so they prance over the wall and into that cc ring, drawing out the cc troops as they go. Sometimes you even get lucky and they bust a defense while they’re at it. Now you can proceed to draw the cc troops to a corner with an archer before wiping them out with lightning or an archer/wiz combo. Easy as pie.

Don’t have hogs yet? Don’t fret. Someone in your clan certainly will. Have them fill your clan castle with them and use them as bait. If you want to get super fancy, you can pair your cc hogs with a heal spell so you’re drawing out cc troops AND taking out a couple defenses simultaneously before proceeding with your primary attack.

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