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 As jtripp, the first thing I did at TH8 was go hard after the golem and pekka so I could use GoWiPe. My thought-process was that the TH7 and other TH8 bases I’d be facing would be completely powerless to stop such a powerful attack — plus you’ll practically never see an anti-GoWiPe base at TH8. Sounded like a great deal. And it worked for a while. I was able to take a huge stride in the difficulty of war bases I was 3*ing. That was probably the threshold for that account between being a burden and finally graduating to becoming an asset. In fact, in one way or another, as long as you’re maxing, TH8 is probably where most of you will cross this line.

But my attacks still weren’t as solid as they could be…

The fact is that at TH8, you’re dealing with only a 200-space army. That’s a lot of troops to be sure, but you really have to be smart about how you fill those 200 spaces. At TH8, dark elixir is not easy to find (because you better not be zapping it from TH10s or else you gonna get revenged and revenged HARD!), therefore upgrading your golem is a pipe dream. In this case, I’ve found it’s much more valuable to ditch the golem (and thus GoWiPe) in favor of the much more potent additional pekka. Introducing the WiPe attack strategy!

And to prove that we believe in the content we write, Lew took the time to try out this tutorial for the very first time and record her results for you!

Army Composition:


  • The troops (200 count): 4 pekkas, 20 archers, 15 wizards, 10 wallbreakers
  • The clan castle: 5 hogs (yep, just trust me, you’ll see!)
  • The spells: 2 rage, 1 heal

The Basics: Much like GoWiPe, you’ll want to identify bases with direct access to walls. If not, you’ll want to clear outside buildings to avoid having your pekkas stay to the outside. It’s not impossible to salvage an attack if your pekkas stay to the outside (my wizards and BK have saved me so many times!), but it certainly makes your life easier if you can drive them to the center.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Remember when I told you to bring a clan castle full of hogs? Well, I wasn’t kidding about that. It’s my secret weapon. Before you do anything else in your attack, locate the most compacted set of defenses or most lethal defense near the outside. Drop your hogs to target them and the moment they jump that first wall, hit them with your heal spell to encompass as many of the compacted defenses as you can.

Now that those are cleared, I like to identify two entry points away from where your hogs were. First entry point, two pekkas, two wallbreakers, once inside, two more wallbreakers. Second entry point, two pekkas, two wallbreakers, once inside, two more wallbreakers. Then 7-8 wizards behind both entry points followed by the BK. Then sit back and let the smash happen.

Don’t forget. You’ve still got two rage spells in the bank! Wait until your pekkas approach a strong group of defenses before dropping it. Best case scenario, you’ll drop one rage when they reach the center of the village (where enemies keep most of their best defenses) and the second towards the end of the attack as things are winding down. Seems there’s always one annoying tesla remaining at the end of the attack. You’ll be glad you have that last rage when it pops up!

Note on pekka placement: I’ve learned over the course of many GoWiPe and WiPe raids to release my pekkas in pairs, never all at once. Pekkas in pairs can one shot basically any building, so there’s no reason to send in more than two at a time unless deploying all at once is the difference between your pekkas targeting an internal building vs. an external building. Use your best judgment and practice both ways to get a feel for what you prefer. As I mentioned above, some people like to clear outside buildings first as insurance, but since these troops are so slow-moving, I don’t like to waste attack time on clearing obstacles if it can be avoided with better placement or better base selection. It also wastes troops.

Enemy Heroes: If possible, try to enter the enemy base near the BK or AQ. This is counter-intuitive for me personally because when I’m hog/healing, I normally try to avoid them at all cost, but trust me, when you’ve got the firepower of several pekkas with a wall of wizards behind them, enemy heroes will fall quickly and without much of a fight.

Enemy Clan Castle: There are several ways to handle enemy cc troops depending on your preference or the layout of the enemy base. For more detailed instructions, see our guide on drawing out enemy cc troops.

  1. Draw them out and hit them with your archers
  2. Draw them out and hit them with your lightning spell
  3. If they’re central and difficult to draw out, those hogs I told you to bring should do the trick. Just send in the hogs and the heal spell, THEN draw out and hit the cc troops with your archers, THEN initiate your WiPe attack. Simple as that. I know, I’m a genius!

Hero Abilities: I’ve found that the BK ability is best used when he targets enemy cc troops or as he approaches a string of consecutive or difficult defenses, although there are dozens of situations where it may be necessary in order to keep him chugging along. In this strategy, you’ll use the BK just like he’s a fifth pekka, so use Iron Fist just as you would a rage spell.

Attack Specs:
Elixir Cost*: PEKKA, 160k + Wizards, 52.5k + Wallbreakers, 3k + Archers, 4k = 219,500
Dark Elixir Cost*: 0
Troop Training Time**: 82.5 minutes
Difficulty: 3.6 out of 5.0
Fun: 4.8 out of 5.0

*Assumes max level troops for this TH level
**Does not include spell time or cost

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