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For months, my go-to attack strategy has been some form of GOWIPE. And as evidenced by our site statistics, it seems like many of you have become familiar with it as well. But as a pretty stacked TH10 with mostly maxed troops across the board, it just always seemed like GOWIPE was missing something. It seemed illogical to me that the best I could hope for against a max TH9 or tough TH10 was two stars. Because I’ve played for nearly 2.5 years now, I know that Supercell enforces balance at every stage of gameplay. We saw it when they nerfed hogs — the old stand-by against TH9s — by increasing a giant bomb’s effectiveness against them. Seemed to me there still should be a way to dominate any TH9 and give other stacked TH10s a literal run for their money. Just seemed like common sense. But instead we seemed to be stuck watching pekkas cruise around the outside of an enemy’s base while our last Golem spent 2 minutes of the battle kicking on a wall nowhere near the action and we prayed to the Clash Gods that our Archer Queen somehow managed to peck away at the Town Hall. Trust me, buddy. I’ve been there too. I’ll say it again. Screw GOWIPE.

Enter quatrolavaloonion. Or QLL as we call it. Because ain’t nobody got time for typing quatrolavaloonion a bunch of times. Once you get a feel for this attack, you might as well say goodbye to GOWIPE. You won’t need it anymore. (Unless/Until Supercell nerfs it too, of course.)

If you’ve just reached TH9, you’ve undoubtedly hit that TH9-grind. You know, where you’re still basically a TH8, but with a prettier Town Hall. Well read on, friend. I’m about to tell you how to start tackling dudes your level or above with relative ease. Start by making level 6 balloons, level 5 minions, and level 6 dark barracks your absolute top priorities, along with your army camps.

And if you’re a TH10 like me, this attack will be an absolute game-changer for you. I started running it after six consecutive close war losses. I was frustrated at my own performance and frustrated that our clan as a whole wasn’t finding success with the finicky GOWIPE. Since then, I perfected the attack in raids then put it into practice during war. The results were undeniable. My first 7 QLL attacks all went for 3* against completely maxed TH9s and even a few undersized TH10s. The rest of the clan jumped onboard with the strategy quickly and we haven’t lost a war since.

Before you read further, watch Ashlain’s video on the topic. In my opinion, it’s the only QLL video you need to see. He does a great job explaining the concept. Then we’ll get down to brass tacks.

Ok, so it’s clear this thing is OP right now. Let’s take a look at the details:

Army Composition:


  • The troops (240 count): 4 lava hounds, 16 balloons, 20 minions
  • The clan castle: 7 balloons
  • The spells: 3 rage, 1 heal, 1 freeze


  • The troops (220 count): 4 lava hounds, 14 balloons, 15 minions
  • The clan castle: 6 balloons
  • The spells: 3 rage, 1 heal

Note on spells: Some clashers prefer a lightning spell over a heal. Lightning can serve a dual purpose — use it on enemy CC troops, use it on a pesky air defense, or if you’re really good, BOTH. Personally, I prefer heal because it seems like I’ve always got a group of balloons late in the battle slowly floating toward a wizard tower. Heal counteracts wizard towers, archer towers, and weaker level hidden teslas particularly well, but don’t bother using it to counteract an air defense…

The Basics: In my opinion, the game is more balanced today than it has been since its inception almost 3 years ago. As a result, planning your attack strategy is more important than ever before. Every troop in your army must serve a purpose and you must deploy them in a manner so they can execute their purpose effectively. QLL is no exception. The entire deployment can take place in seconds, so you must have a carefully-crafted plan. First, determine where you want to drop the bulk of your attack. I typically look for at least two of these three elements in order of priority:

  1. The shortest route to at least two air defenses.
  2. The shortest route to taking out the enemy Archer Queen
  3. The shortest predictable path to the center of the base (typically where the Town Hall and strongest defenses are)

If you find a drop point that meets two of these criteria, that’s your point of attack. From here, the attack becomes about timing, patience, and execution. Despite the movement speed of balloons, QLL attacks move FAST, so practice it in raids before attempting in war. I’ve wiped out max TH9s with 1:30 left on the clock. The pace is incredible, so you have to be prepared. The attack should be both muscle-memory as well as a feel for making decisions on the fly. Spell timing and placement alone could be the difference between an overkill 3* and a 2* or less attack. The good news is that even when you poop the bed, it usually results in 2* anyway.

Once you’ve found your point of attack, drop all four hounds. I like to spread mine to target two different air defense. Quickly send half your balloons toward one air defense, the other half toward the other. Remember timing, patience, and execution is everything. Now is NOT the time to panic! The second your loons are loose, send in your minions. I tend to drop mine so they take the shortest path to the enemy AQ — otherwise she can drop a lot of loons and your attack will be a bust.

By this point, your loons should be approaching the air defense. Rage both groups! If they are approaching a central group of tightly configured defenses, you may want to hit those with a freeze spell. Freeze is also effectively used if your minions aren’t tracking toward the AQ or enemy CC troops as fast as you’d like. Or obviously if there’s an inferno or two to deal with, freeze that dawg. Hopefully by now your loons have reached the center. Drop your third rage. As Ashlain mentions in his video above, your rage spells should form a Mickey Mouse shape on most attacks. I’ve found this to be the case maybe 50% of the time — just depends on the base layout. People tend to get crazy with their war base layouts, but on a typical raid, Mickey Mouse it up!

If you didn’t drop your CC loons in the primary attack, now would probably be the time to use them. Be sure to give them the shortest path to some pre-occupied defenses so they can flank them and ease the burden on your primary attack loons

Now your primary loons are probably deep into the base. Your hounds are probably long gone and their lava pups have teamed up with your remaining minions to clean up garbage buildings. This is really your first opportunity to take just a moment and assess when you’re going to use your heal spell. The optimal combination is to use it on your largest group of remaining loons as they approach either a wizard tower, archer tower, hidden tesla, or x-bow. Heal overpowers all of these defenses giving your loons fresh health to finish the job.

Let’s talk heroes for a second. In most cases, I find my heroes are just for clean-up. I drop them in the beginning with my minions and most of the time, they’re still hanging out with full health long after the loons have fallen. I’ve found there are two alternative drop points for heroes that you might consider.

  1. If you’re confident you won’t need them to clear out an enemy CC, you might use them before your primary attack to clear out some outer defenses. Of course this is base-dependent, but sometimes you get lucky and you can use your Barbarian King to distract defenses while your Archer Queen takes down an air defense, making the rest of the raid not much different from attacking a poor TH8.
  2. You could also save them for the end of your raid. Consider where we left off. Your loons are chilling in a heal spell, gently floating towards a group of defenses. Maybe there’s still an air defense to take out, maybe there are two. This could be a great time to flank those remaining defenses with your heroes to give your loons some cover (or vice versa).

If you’ve executed the attack properly, you should be cleaning up garbage buildings by now on your way to a 3* attack. Watching minions and lava pups clean up a base is probably the most fulfilling feeling I’ve ever had playing this game. Maybe it’s the pretty purple and orange colors…

As you watch the replay of your attack, take a keen eye to your spell placement. It’s probably the most important factor in this strategy and executing it right means everything. When your entire troop deployment happens inside of about 5 seconds, waiting for your loons to get close to the air defense can feel like a lifetime. YOU MUST BE PATIENT. On top of that, dropping your rage and heal spells so that your loons can enjoy their effects for the longest possible time is imperative. This takes practice and skill. I’ve executed this attack dozens of times now and I flubbed my heal spell twice in the last war and it cost me the 3* both times. It happens. Learn from it.

Enemy Heroes: The BK is a non-factor unless you happen to drop your heroes near him. Maybe just try not to do that. The AQ on the other hand is a big problem. See my note above about your point of attack. I like to try to take her out early in the battle, simply because I can’t tell you how many times I would’ve crushed a base with QLL if not for a central queen pecking away at my last remaining loons, minions, or pups. Plus, if you start on the enemy AQ’s side of the base (assuming she’s not central), she’ll target the lava hounds first. They’re hearty devils. They can handle the abuse, giving your minions time to get to her. If you’re very lucky, the loons splash damage alone will take her out. Just depends on the level of the enemy queen. I used to worry a lot about her, but nowadays, if I start on her side, she’s usually toast before I ever give her a second thought.

Enemy Clan Castle: There are several ways to handle enemy CC troops depending on your preference or the layout of the enemy base. I’ve found that many war opponents are making it harder and harder to draw out CC troops, much to my personal dismay.

  1. You could consider dropping a loon for a giant or hog to draw them out and hit them with your heroes, minions, or lightning spell.
  2. If they’re central and difficult to draw out, wait until your troops naturally draw them out and hit them with a freeze spell. Try to time it so the freeze spell also covers a defense.
  3. If you’re a jacked TH10 facing a TH9, honestly, just steamroll them. Use freeze if you have to in order to give your troops time, but unless there’s a dragon in the CC, you’ll be fine. If there’s a dragon, use on of the methods above. Dragons can kill QLL pretty quick if you’re not ready for them.

Hero Abilities: Your heroes play a secondary clean-up and/or snipe role in QLL. Pop their ability when you need it.

Attack Specs:
Elixir Cost*: Balloons, 72k = 72,000
Dark Elixir Cost*: Lava Hounds, 510 + Minions, 11 = 2,260
Troop Training Time**: 90 minutes
Difficulty: 4.4 out of 5.0
Fun: 5.0 out of 5.0

*Assumes max level troops
**Does not include spell time or cost

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