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One of the most popular high-level attack strategies in Clash of Clans is the GoWiWi strategy. That’s Golem, Wizard, Witch. Before we get down to details, let’s take a look at a properly executed GoWiWi strategy at the highest level. Admittedly, this strategy has fallen out of favor a bit now that heroes can’t be drawn out and with the introduction of level 5 PEKKAs, but the concept here (and the reason I’m posting this strategy first) is that IF you can 2* a maxed TH10 with this strategy, you should be able to use it quite successfully at TH9 or with rushed TH10 bases.

Army Composition:


  • The troops (240 count): 20 barbarians, 21 wallbreakers, 22 wizards, 3 golems
  • The clan castle: 2 witches, 1 wizard, 2 barbarians
  • The spells: 2 rage, 1 lightning, 2 freeze (Varying on personal preference. Other combos may include 3 freeze, 2 rage or vice versa.)


  • The troops (220 count): 20 barbarians, 15 wallbreakers, 20 wizards, 3 golems
  • The clan castle: 2 witches, 1 wizard, 2 barbarians
  • The spells: 3 rage, 1 lightning

NOTE: Although barbarians are standard with GoWiWi to leverage your barbarian king’s Iron Fist ability, I tend to replace them with archers. I don’t usually notice much difference, so call it personal preference.

The Basics: As a beginner to GoWiWi, the best way to start out is to look for base layouts that allow you to place wallbreakers right beside walls (no buildings on the outskirts). The most effective use of GoWiWi is to break walls in 3 places along one side of a base, allowing you to drop your 3 golems at each point. Follow each golem with a row of wizards. Next, use a rage spell ahead of the golems to maximize its effectiveness, (preferrably this should be your path to the TH). After that, drop wallbreakers in groups of 2 or 3 (Beware: Wallbreakers and Wizard Towers/Inferno Towers don’t mix. Use a freeze spell to cool them down until the walls are broken.). Finally, place the last remaining wizards (you should have 5-7 left after the first row), your BK, AQ. and lastly your witches. The last freeze should be used to freeze any inferno set to multi before the last group of wizards and heroes come in, and the 2nd rage should be used on anything that is close to hitting the TH.

Note on witch count and placement: This strategy has evolved over time. Some folks now prefer to bring fewer wizards and more witches. The counts I’ve provided here are my personal preference. It works for me and should work for you too, but of course the balance of witches and wizards is all about your personal preference. The most important point is to keep your witches far away from harm. That means keeping them behind golems, wizards, and/or heroes.

Enemy Heroes: We used to be able to lure heroes out, which really increased the effectiveness of GoWiWi, but now we pretty much have to charge through them as if they aren’t there. The optimal way to handle this is to ensure the enemy heroes go for your golems rather than the weaker witch/wizard troops. Ignoring this simple element could be the difference between 100% and a hilarious fail when the AQ pecks away at all your wizards and witches.

Enemy Clan Castle: There are several ways to handle enemy cc troops depending on your preference or the layout of the enemy base.

  1. Draw them out and hit them with your barbarians/archers/witches/heroes
  2. Draw them out and hit them with your lightning spell
  3. If they’re central and difficult to draw out, wait until your troops naturally draw them out and hit them with a freeze spell. Try to time it so the freeze spell also covers a defense.

Hero Abilities: I’ve found that the BK ability is best used when he targets enemy cc troops or as he approaches a string of consecutive defenses, although there are dozens of situations where it may be necessary in order to keep him chugging along. I like to use the AQ’s ability in more dire situations as she’s often the last troop standing — i.e., as she approaches a particularly heavy defense (like a wizard tower) or when her health is a half to a quarter remaining. Using the AQ’s ability too early in the attack when she’s taking no damage may end up costing you the win, and if she is hitting the TH and needs a few extra seconds, you may be able to take it by saving her ability until then.

As you practice this combination, you will find that bases with inferno towers set on single target are quite a bit easier as they won’t decimate your wallbreakers and wizards as quickly. You do, however, need to pay more attention to when they lock onto your golems or heroes. Once you get the hang of the basic placement, you will find GoWiWi is VERY versatile. When placement is correctly executed, you should have no problem attacking any base layout (except for those super dumb spread out anti-GoWiPe/anti-GoWiWi bases — if you see one of those, always go balloonion on them for being dumb).

Attack Specs:
Elixir Cost*: Wizards, 88k + Wallbreakers, 73.5k + Barbarians, 3k = 164,500
Dark Elixir Cost*: Golem, 2250 + Witches, 700 = 2,950
Training Time: 90 minutes
Difficulty: 3.5 out of 5.0
Fun: 4.0 out of 5.0

*Assumes max level troops

Now we’ll finish up with another great video tutorial by Godson.


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