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If you’re like us, ever since Clan Perks were introduced, you’ve probably been grinding out constant wars to build up XP. Constant war has made it much easier for us to analyze trends over time. One of the trends I’ve noticed is the prominence of the 2-star performance.

When did it all of a sudden become acceptable or even considered a “victory” to aim for 2*? That’s non-sense in my opinion.

So I took to YouTube to see if anybody was having better luck. Enter GoLavaLoon.

Before we dive into specifics, let me preface a few things. Having played this game for a long time, I would consider this strategy super advanced. It is NOT easy to master, it is super expensive and time consuming to cook, and it requires a minimum Archer Queen level of 15-20 to really be effective against max or near max Town Hall 9s and Archer Queen level of 30+ to be effective against max or near max Town Hall 10s. If Quadlavaloonion is checkers, GoLavaLoon is chess.

Army Composition: The composition of a GLL army truly needs to be customized to the needs of the base you’re attacking. There are certain key elements, but even those can be tailored based on the layout you’re going up against. I’ll cover the core elements here, but as you’ll see in the videos below, every troop you bring needs to have a very specific job to do.

TH10 Army Composition:

  • The troops (240 count): 1-2 golems, 1-4 wizards, 3 hounds, 14-20 balloons, 2-3 wallbreakers
  • The clan castle: 1 hound, 1 balloon
  • The spells: 3 rage, 2 freeze

NOTE: Some opt for a lightning spell to quickly take out CC troops or a jump spell to get your troops deeper into a base. My rule of thumb is to take as many freeze spells as you expect to face during the LavaLoon part of the attack. That usually means replacing rages first unless you’re confident your heroes will take down at least one inferno, in which case, you only need one freeze.

TH9 Army Composition:

  • The troops (220 count): 1 golem, 3 hounds, 5 wizards, 16 balloons
  • The clan castle: 1 golem
  • The spells: 1 jump, 2 rage, 1 heal

The Basics: There are really two mini-battles crammed into one in this strategy. In the first battle, which we’ll call GoRoyal, the objective is to use your golem(s) and heroes to take out the enemy Archer Queen, the enemy clan castle, and at least one air defense. If you accomplish this, the rest of your attack will be smooth sailing. The second battle, the LavaLoon part of it, uses your hounds as tanks while you deploy your balloons in groups of 2-3 to encircle the base. Spreading your hounds will force defenses to target them while your balloons sneak up behind them. Work clockwise or counter-clockwise from the hole your GoRoyal made to ensure the most efficient pathing for your loons.

Spell Placement: Rage and heal are pretty self-evident. I use rage to get my loons to the center faster. I typically use heal when nearing a defense I know the spell will counteract — such as a wizard tower. The most important spell you’ll use here are the freezes. It’s important to be patient with your freeze spells. Try not to drop it until the inferno has locked onto your balloons. In addition, try to spread the freeze so it freezes more than just the inferno — perhaps a wandering herd of mischievous clan castle troops, or a central queen you weren’t quite able to get to. It’s a good way to salvage an otherwise rocky start.

Tip on troop deployment: There will come a point near the end of every battle where your loons start to lose a bit of steam. Save 4-6 loons for this moment and use them to flank the final defenses. In my experience, there’s always one final wizard tower looming against your final flock. These reserve loons can serve as a distraction, as the final nail in the coffin, or even as cleanup troops if things go really well!

Note on time: Time can be a killer in this attack style. While it’s not scientific, my experience has been that the GoRoyal and LavaLoon portions take about 60-90 seconds each, leaving you with (usually) a little more than a minute for cleanup. Hopefully your lava pups are able to get it done for you!

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at a couple great videos that break down with crazy powerful attack.

This example from Clash with Ash focuses specifically on Town Hall 10 GoLavaLoon:

This example — also from Clash with Ash — highlights the subtle differences in using GoLavaLoon at the Town Hall 9 level. I actually find it much easier to grasp at TH9. Since there are no infernos to deal with, there is some room for error. When you’re just starting out with this attack, it might be a good idea to go pick on some TH9s first. 

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