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So, lately I have been experimenting with fun new troops for war (primarily, because I get bored).  Below is a troop combo (for TH 8) I have been using in the last few wars that has been successful. And by successful, I mean that I have 3 starred all my attacks.

What you will need:
6 – level 3 Dragons
10 – level 5 Balloons
5 – level 5 Archers (optional – used for basic cleanup)
1 – level 5 Heal Spell
2 – level 5 Rage Spells
5 – Balloons in Clan Castle (level 5 work, but max are always recommended)

Step 1:
Once you have chose a TH 8 in your range on the map, locate all air defense.  I attack a side where the AD is maxed, or more are located.  Now, you want to create a “U” with your ALL your Dragons.  The Dragons are going to be what all the defense focuses on.  See below:


Step 2:
So as you can see in the above image, my dragons form a “U” and are taking the “beating.”  As soon as I have them down, I place 5-6 Balloons behind the Dragons in a “U.”  Since the defense is focused on my Dragons, the balloons can float in and demolish the defense quickly without being wiped out.  See below:


Step 3:
I put my Balloons in several layers behind each other.  If the first layer of 5-6 Balloons get “shot” down, then I have 1-2 more layers to come in behind and take out defense.


As you can see above, I have 3 layers of Balloons coming in behind the Dragons. Depending on the base, I may only have 2 layers; however, 3 is what I go for.  Behind my 3 ranks of Balloons, I place my CC Balloons.

Step 4:
Spell placement is VERY important.  I always place my spells slightly ahead of my troops, this allows for the spell to “pull” my troops to where I want them to be.


In the above image, I place 1 rage spell right on the edge to “pull” my Balloons into the base. I placed my second right after the first Rage, once my balloons where ahead of the first Rage.  Once my balloons reached the TH, or the middle of the base, I ALWAYS place my heal there.  It heals up any Drags or Balloons in the area and WABAM! I am set.

End Result: I 3 starred the base.


Another example of this method:

Below is some screen shots from another base I used this method on.  This base was a little different.  Instead of the typical “U” formation of my troops, I had to separate them slightly.


Above you can see my use of placing Dragons in a “U.”  I chose to attack from the bottom because of how he had his AD placed.  The AD is in a “U;” therefore, my Dragons would do the same.


Behind the Drags I placed my balloons.  I knew they would flow into the middle based on how this person designed their base.


You can see I placed my Rage spells right on the inside of this base to “pull” my Dragons and Balloons to the TH.


Once they moved in, I placed my heal in the Center.  After that it was easy.  They healed and went in the directions of my arrows and I easily 3 starred his base.

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