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About Indian legends (#YYYCPQ82)

Indian Legends (#YYYCPQ82) is an international clan in CLASH OF CLANS. Our clan stands for what we believe to be an effective, engaging and fun way to play the game:

  • Helping lower level clanmates grow through donations, support, and advice
  • A disciplined and strategic approach to clan wars
  • And above all, fierce loyalty to the clan and to each other

Through these pages and posts, our talented and devout elders and co-leaders will offer advice on many topics of the game. Our Members have clashed through thick and thin, green war logs and red, and growing pains in the multitudes. In a game where new clans are formed and abandoned minute by minute, this kind of longevity is rare and worth growing. Our goal has always been to build a solid clan that we can all be proud of. One we can eventually take into the upper echelon of top 200 clans.

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